What I Love About Lifekids.tv

Napkin Conference had the honor of having Allyson Evans, Next Gen Ministry Team Leader at Lifechurch.tv. In short, she’s the one responsible for birth through teens at Lifechurch.tv—an awesome responsibility!

First, what I love about Allyson is that she’s so down to earth and absolutely loves people and networking. I can tell she’s a huge team player and with all the knowledge she has she still willing to learn. She’s become one of my heroes. When I grow up I want to be like Allyson! 🙂

Lifekids.tv is all about the local church. Allyson and her team have created world-class curriculum by the local church for the local church. And, get this—it’s 100% completely FREE!!! That’s right, Lifekids.tv provides all of their curriculum, videos, at-home activities, etc. completely free. Some people may think that if it’s free is it really that good. It’s beyond good—it’s world-class.

We have used their curriculum in the past and our kids enjoyed the videos and our teacher easily worked with the curriculum. Because every church has a different culture and way of doing things we were easily able to rearrange what we needed to change so it fit our culture.

Lifekids.tv is a winner! No matter if you have 10 or 2,000 kids in your children’s ministry you are sure to benefit from what they have to offer. Again, my favorite thing is that it’s not a huge publisher pumping out curriculum—it’s the local church.


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  1. Wow! What a nice surprise. I am thrilled that you feel this way about what God is doing through the local church. We are blessed in so many ways and know that God wants us to give freely of our self-created resources. The fact that other churches are able to be blessed by it is just icing on the cake! Thanks for your thoughts Justyn. You are doing amazing work for the Kingdom. Rock on!

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