Round 2 – Blog Madness – Vote!

So, I worked tirelessly last week to try to dethrone the online kid’s ministry king Sam Luce from being first in the Blog Madness competition. I kept telling my wife that I know he’s got tons more votes just waiting in his back pocket to pull out at the last minute. Sure enough I’m ahead by six votes last Sunday morning worshiping nervously through our six worship experiences as I know that’s not a big enough lead. After Pastor Benny says “Amen” I rush back to my office to find that all my hopes and dreams have been shattered. My reason for living has been abruptly taken away. Sam did it–he did it and he crushed me in my efforts.

Not really, well he really did crush me, but Sam’s a good friend and has an amazing blog. With that said if you want to humor me and vote for me in round 2 of the Blog Madness competition that would be cool. If you have better things to do with your time–like anything besides voting for a blog competition–then that’s also cool.

Click HERE to vote for “Justyn Smith” (in the East division–even though I live in Las Vegas)

While I have you here…If you haven’t pre-ordered Collaborate Book, please click HERE and do it. I’ll be writing about the book in the not so distant future.

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