Napkin in my Review Mirror

Whew! What a conference! As I sit in my office and reflect on Napkin Conference 2010 I can’t help but feel exhausted and energized all at the same time. I know our church hosted the event, but it was amazing. Over the next few weeks I want to share my thoughts and other people’s thoughts about Napkin. The ups far outweighed the downs and we want to discuss them all with you.

First, let me brag about my amazing team. This past week once again confirmed that I have THE best kid’s team on the planet. They made my job extremely easy as they took care of all the numerous details that no one will ever know about. They stressed for me so I could focus on what I needed to focus on and for that I am extremely grateful.

Napkin taught me that every good children’s ministry needs a good team. Here’s what to look for:

Are they committed to the vision of the church?
Will they have your back no matter what?
Are they team players?
Will they go above and beyond and not settle?
Is this just a job or a passion?

My team passed with flying colors! I would love to hear all your thoughts over the next few weeks about Napkin…What did you like? What can we improve?
Also, if you have any pictures of the conference, please email them to



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  1. We liked:
    -the smallness
    -the excellent speakers
    -the friendliness of you church (awesome interns)
    -ease of networking
    -hotel shuttle

    did not like:
    -that it had to end (hah)
    -Logos presentation (I accept that it is necessary to have sponsors though, just have heard that sales pitch at men’s conferences etc before)

    would like to see:
    -could be like just one day longer (I see that the ad for next year says Wed-Fri so maybe I’ll get this one)
    -more discussion time amongst groups
    -more time for questions
    -an official tweeter, live chat and video stream for those not able to attend (I volunteer to help facilitate)

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