Make Time This Easter

Every church in the nation is headed for a super busy weekend. Our church is gearing up for nine weekend experiences starting on Friday. On top of that we’re adding five Easter egg hunts, which is one of the largest in the Las Vegas-area. I bring this up because it’s easy as children’s ministers (or staff pastors) to get caught up in the busyness of preparing for Easter weekend forgetting to spend time with our own families and children.

I just want to encourage you to carve out time this week to talk about the real reason for Easter. Don’t count on your lead teachers/children’s staff to do it on the weekend. 🙂 My wife and I are coloring eggs with our kids on Wednesday night, talking about the resurrection, they’ll go find them on Thursday morning and afterward we’ll have more family time. I know this seems like a “no-brainer” and not very deep, but that’s the point. Let’s not forget about those closest to us. Sure, they’re more grace-filled because they love us. However, your kids and spouse will never forget that you purposefully put other things on hold this Easter/holy week to spend time with them.

God > Family > Everything Else


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