Hillsong Kids BiG Follow You Review

I love Hillsong Kids BiG! Review done! No, just kidding…

David Wakerley (would you believe that I always misspell his name…argh!) and his team are phenomenal! They have a huge passion for the local church, they’re funny, full of world-class ideas and their personalities are contagious.

Follow You is the latest curriculum release from Hillsong Kids. Like most children’s pastors we are constantly looking for solid curriculum that meets our needs and matches the culture of our church. Admittedly, we at The Kids write our own curriculum, but we’re not at a place where we can constantly knock ‘em out so we look for other curriculums in between us writing our own.

For us, Hillsong Kids is that curriculum for these reasons:
• They do large group/small group
• They have video/live teaching
• Their church is similar in style
• Their beliefs as a local church matches with our beliefs
• I’ll take local church written curriculum over others any day of the week
• There videos are not redundant—they’re completely different every week
• Their live teaching is incredible. It really allows our teachers to feel like everything doesn’t revolve around videos

Tell The World was really good, but Follow You is even better. The videos were better—funny, entertaining, full of the Word. My children literally came home every weekend repeating lines from the videos and doing the actions to the BiG Word. Speaking of BiG Word—I love that they are longer. You can tell that they are really trying to challenge kids with memorizing the Word.

If you haven’t been able to tell over the years, I’m a huge fan of the local church and local church resources. The problem is they can be either hit or miss. Hillsong Kids’ Follow You is a huge HIT!

What I personally would like to see in future Hillsong Kids curriculum (like it matters) is:
• Videos that we can integrate in programs like Songshow, ProPresenter, etc. That way we don’t have to constantly switch from video to computer.
• The ability to either copy or purchase at a minimal cost all the videos so my teachers can review them before the weekend.
• Something for Tithe/Offering—either background music/image or a video teaching or both as an option.
• Everything translated into Spanish (we have two Spanish experiences every weekend).
The content is rich, so these are just a few small things that would make it almost perfect for our church. I realize they are thinking about their church first and every other church second.

If you have used their stuff, I’d love to hear back…



  1. I also use Hillsong Kids curriculum. I have 1st through 6th grade students together and a lot of times it is hard to find something that the young children can understand and still keeps the attention of the older kids. This curriculum does that and all my kids love it.

    We also use the material of both small group (Sunday School) and large group (Children’s Church) and it works great!

    I would like to see something with the offering and we use Media Shout and it seems difficult to use with the program. The curriculum is best ran through Windows Media Player but if we want to use our own stuff we have to swap over to Media Shout. (This could be more of our lack of knowledge than the curriculum.)

    I look forward each year for this material to come out. I wish they could produce more, but after talking to them at Napkin Conference I understand why it takes the amount of time it does to produce the material.

  2. I have never used their curriculum yet. I am trying to do my homework on it as I type. Thanks for the feed back. I am currently working with the poor and the homeless and want to stay engaged with the children. Is there any where in the US we can buy this? Would you recommend the first series first or does it matter? I do not have a budget so I am praying that this is as good as you say.

    In His Love,

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