Creativity Over Presence?

It’s not a surprise to anyone in church world, but the big buzz word on the street is “creativity.” I’ve been to so many conference, events, etc. with speakers telling us to be creative. Don’t get me wrong…I’m all about being creative. I can’t help but wonder, “Why all the stress on being creative?” Sure, we need to reach people and connect with them in a relevant way. Of course we want to be able to keep people’s attention.

I go back in time and think of some of our great Christian forefathers. They were not using creative techniques to capture people’s attention. They used simple methods to communicate a simple and powerful Gospel, which brings me to my question, “Are we stressing ‘creativity’ over the presence of God?” I know Jesus used creative stories, etc. to get his point across, but I’m not talking about. I’m talking about us church leaders. I go to conferences and they talk about being creative, but it’s becoming more rare that I hear about the presence of God.

We can be more creative than the Disney Co. but if we lose sight of what the presence of God can do—the simple message of Jesus than our creativity is worthless.

I have to wonder if people focus on creativity because they have forgotten the true simple power of the cross. Don’t be so creative that you become irrelevant. Creativity is good and we need it and value it. BUT, the presence of God is better.


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  1. Thank you PJ
    That gave me great perspective! That goes along with Napkin Conf. of what you said of “keeping it simple” I think sometimes the “message” gets lost in all the fluff!



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