Celebrate the Small Things

Psalm 110:9, “But he himself will be refreshed from brooks along the way. He will be victorious.”

My pastor read this verse to us in staff meeting this past week and I thought he made a profound statement at the end. The above verse said that he would be refreshed from brooks. It didn’t say rivers, streams or oceans. Brooks are very small. He said that we need to refresh ourselves and celebrate the small things. We shouldn’t just wait to celebrate the “big rivers” in our kid’s church. We need to celebrate, be refreshed and excited about the little things.

Our church does numerous events. It’s what we do well, so it’s hard sometimes to celebrate the small things. Reality, though, is that we have to. When our check-in line runs smoothly with no issues we need to celebrate that. When kids get saved—celebrate. When your teachers knock it out of the park teaching a class—celebrate. When you see a kid return to church who hasn’t been there in a long time—celebrate. These may not seem as huge victories and many times they are not, but they are small victories—brooks.

Take time to refresh you and your team by celebrating the brooks.

Ask yourself, “What big rivers do we celebrate?” AND “What small brooks should we celebrate regularly?”


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