What If: Customized Curriculum Collaboration

As children’s leaders we are constantly buying, writing, rearranging, clipping, copy & pasting, illegally stealing online, etc. curriculum. We spend a lot of valuable time that could be used for other things dealing with curriculum. It’s actually not a bad thing since it’s extremely important. BUT!!! What if putting together curriculum was simpler? What if you had access to hundreds or even thousands of different curriculums that others have written? What if all this curriculum was built into a website that allowed you to pull what you wanted from any curriculum and put into your own WORD or PDF document.

Picture this…You need a lesson on Friendship. You like songs from curriculum 1, but like the object lesson from curriculum 2. This online program would allow you to create a new document and you could simply drag and paste what you want in this new document. Not only that, but if you like the small groups section from curriculum 5, but want to re-word a couple things, this software would allow you to edit it before you “finalize” your document to be printed and/or emailed to your team.

Not only that, but if you search for “Friendship” it would bring up all the friendship curriculums or parts of curriculum that speak to that. There are some incredible resources already out there. One of my favorites is kidology.org. This, however, would take creating curriculum that works for you to a whole ‘notha level by allowing you to cut, paste and edit everything in a one stop shop.

The truth is that there are tons of great curriculums out there. The problem is that there are thousands of churches and we’re all different. We don’t all conform to the same structure or style. I’m waiting for someone to think of the average children’s pastor. Instead of forcing us to conform to the curriculums out there, why don’t the curriculums conform to us!?


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  1. Oh my word Justyn! I am totally with you. At LifeChurch.tv, we are all about sharing our stuff with whoever. It’s all available for FREE at http://open.lifechurch.tv/kids In response to what you mention above about customizing, we try to help with that a little bit. You can either download a whole hour message in its entirety or you can download pieces of the video or print materials. So that’s great for this one curriculum, but your idea of having one site where you can grab a little something from here, and a tidbit from there and a graphic from this…that would rock. Another site that’s really cool and has free kid stuff, until someone invents this amazing site we’re dreaming about, is http://www.max7.org They have really cool music, short animated pieces AND you can search by topic.

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