What’s Up With All The Prosperity Attacks!?

So, I read these Twitters about people always knocking on the “Prosperity Gospel.” What’s up with that? Have leaders abused the Bible and Christianity to get people to give to them? Yes! Have there been some who have guilted people into giving? Yes! Let’s be clear, however, that it’s not the case with everyone who believes in the “Prosperity Gospel.”

For example, our church believes in the Prosperity Gospel. We believe that God wants to prosper people. To believe otherwise would mean that God wants us to not prosper. The Bible is very clear that God wants us bless us and that there is a gift of giving. When I hear reports, including in our own church, of people who give hundreds of thousands or millions to a church cause I don’t hear anti-prosperity people saying, “Oh no, we can’t except this because you believe in prosperity.” How in the world is the church to help nations like Haiti when they are not prospering? How can we call upon people to give thousands to stop human trafficking?

Here’s the deal. I absolutely believe God wants to prosper everyone. In fact, I pray someday I’ll have a nice house, new cars, send my kids to college and not have to worry about my future when I’m older. The issue is what are you doing with your prosperity? Are you hording it or are you giving it? And, it doesn’t mean that you can’t drive the newest Mercedes or live in—get ready for this—a multi-million dollar home. If Jesus didn’t believe in prosperity how did he support 12 disciples? Why did Jesus have what we would call today an accountant? He wasn’t poor and he wasn’t rubbing his money in faces either. Prosperity is good when you have a Kingdom of God mindset and reach out and help people.

Please, stop the prosperity attacks! If you have an issue with a certain individual or church—call them out (unless you’re chicken—oops! Did I just say that!?) Don’t paint a negative picture over my church and others like mine just because you believe we should all live in straw and mud huts and have no money to make a difference. Why don’t people pick on my heroes such as Andy Stanley, Bill Hybels, Rick Warren, Jack Hayford, etc. Something tells me that these guys are prospering (and I’m glad and I pray that God prospers them even more). People only pick on the Charismatic, Pentecostal types!

By the way, it’s because people believe in prosperity that our church is able to have the only Safe Houses in Las Vegas to help prostitutes turn their life around, feed and clothe 1,800 people every 14 days and literally see at least 30-50 people saved every weekend! –Thank you Jesus for prospering us!

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  1. I have noticed this too. It really hurts when they say we preach another Jesus.

    I would agree that their have been gross abuses, but don’t “throw the baby out with the bath water”. Eat the meat and throw away the bones.

    I was at a point in my life last year were was ready to throw it all away I was so discouraged. However as I was assigned to teach the course in “Biblical Finances” at our campus of Life Christian University I began to pour over the scriptures again. I didn’t read anyone’s opinions or commentary just pure scriptures that both “sides” use.

    I saw a fresh true pure message in God’s Word. God said it, I believe it, that settles it. I got to teach with a fresh fervor and really keep it balanced.

  2. Great post – I appreciate someone who is willing to boldly go where many are afraid to go… and address the issue that many (even those who claim to be of a prosperity ministry) aren’t willing to address.

    God’s plan has always been – and will continue to be, to prosper his people to the point of having the ability to accomplish, His will as well as meet our needs.

    Keep em’ coming!

  3. I really like the concept of being above money.

    Someone can have millions even billions but still have more worries then someone with thousands, but if you look at the royal family they never seem to be worried about money even though their are plenty of people with more more than them.

    I think the difference is the Royals actually believe that they deserve prosperity because of who they are when the massive company owners are in fear that it will all be taken away from them.

    Makes you glad that you and I are children of the Most Richest and Most Powerful King ever. It feels good to be royalty.

    Have Fun


  4. Ok…I realize this will be a dangerous reply but hey, I have nothing to lose.

    I am honestly not familiar with the term Prosperity Gospel. I had never even heard of it until this post.

    I think it is dangerous to use “prosperity” and “bless” interchangeably. Paul obviously felt very blessed but I doubt he would have used the word prosper to talk about his situation.

    My question would be, are people drawn to a Jesus that prospers them or saves them? And you have to define prosper because if you live in a house or apartment, drive a car, grab a Starbucks every now and then, etc then based on the world’s standards you are already rich without a Mercedes.

    I do think we will stand before our savior one day and hear him say (at least to me), “I blessed you by putting you in the top 1% of wealth of ALL man kind, but you spent the majority of it on yourself.”

    Be gentle with me

    1. Rob, in terms of “prosperity gospel”…I honestly don’t know who first coined that term. One thing I do know is that it’s all about Jesus. It’s not about a get rich scheme or anything else. When all else fades away–there’s Jesus who always is and will be.
      I honestly don’t know what’s wrong with being prosperous. I don’t know why people wouldn’t want to prosper. Just think of how much more I can be a blessing to others. We’ve had people give hundreds of thousands of dollars to our Safe House for rehabilitating prostitutes. If these people weren’t prospering, we wouldn’t be able to get these girls off the streets.
      In reality the issue is not about prospering, I think it’s about greed. If you’re prospering and are greedy–not good. If you’re prospering and are a wise steward of what God’s given you and you’re being blessed to bless others–amen.
      For me personally, I don’t have a poverty mindset (not saying that you do). I believe God wants to prosper and bless me.
      Good post Rob… 🙂 I love great discussions…


      1. Honestly, this is a tough topic.

        While I don’t believe I have a poverty mindset, personally, I don’t think I could say that God wants to prosper me. Bless definately. Sometimes for me, my greatest blessing is no prosperity at all.

        Philippians 2:3-5 tells me that others are more important than myself. (Again this is for me personally. It would be foolish for me to lump everyone in my boat.) God knows that the more I have the harder it will be for me to think of others because I will be so wrapped up in myself.

        When I look at people of great faith like W. Carey, Mary Slessor, the Judsons, H. Taylor, and others, I just don’t see prosperity there.

        I realize that having a lot of money allows us to give where we normally wouldn’t be able to but when Jim Elliot said, “He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose.” he wasn’t talking about money.

        Again this is just the way I think about it.

        I appreciate the discussion and I hope you don’t think I am one of those you mentioned in your post who bash your church, because I don’t.

      2. Rob, totally don’t think your one of those people bashing our church and other people who interpret Scripture the way we do (M’t 19:29; 25:29).
        This is what I love–the ability to talk and sometimes disagree and at the end of the day we all love each other because in the end it’s all about Jesus and reaching people. 🙂

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