The Right Reason & Don't Suck!

So, I was reading my friend’s blog—Sam Luce. If you don’t—you need to! I came across his “Dear Children’s Pastor” post and I was immediately sucked in with point #1, which is “Do Not Suck!” At what you ask? Well, you’ll have to read his blog and find out for yourself. He states “Before you can make your Children’s Ministry into the beacon of excellence that brings Children’s Workers from the bordering states to come and observe your greatness; you have to stop sucking first.”

Let’s stop here. Once I read this I automatically began to think of all the people who get into ministry to be known or famous someday. Totally not the reason to get into ministry. I think sometimes we treat a ministry position as a hopefully quick way to become known and famous. I believe the reason that the Jim Wideman’s, Mike Johnson’s, Nancy Beach’s , etc. became well known is because they didn’t try to become well known. It just happened because they were faithful with what God called them to do.

I completely agree with Sam—stop sucking, but let me add to that—be in it for the right reason. Sure, you may work your way to the top for a while and find success, but the only way to sustain it and continue to impact people and kids is if you’re in it for the right reason. As a children’s pastor I have to remember that my number one focus is to my community. When we’re faithful with what God has given us, He’ll entrust us with more. There’s nothing wrong with wanting other leaders to observe what you’re doing. In fact, it’s a great complement and usually means that you’re doing something right. Just don’t try to make it happen. It will happen all by itself by you being faithful—trust me.

There was a recent poll that asked high school students what they wanted to be when they grew up and for the first time in history the number one thing was “Famous”. Hello! That’s the result of something you do, not something you can just choose to become. Unfortunately, our society and young people are inundated with reality stars, get rich quick and the Paris Hilton syndrome of do nothing and be famous. Be a light to this generation by focusing on them and let God do the rest!

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  1. Actually that post was a guest post on my blog by my friend Jonathan Cliff over at He has mastered not sucking i am still working on it.

    Great point on the right reasons could not agree more. People need to focus on what matters to God I was planning on blogging about this. About how we can be tempted to build a social empire and forget we are here to build the Kingdom of God.

    Great post Justyn!

  2. Those are my thoughts put into much more clear words. It is NOT our (my) aim to be “influential” or “famous”; but to instead be someone working my tail off to make it hard to go to hell from my city.

    And with all respect to Sam…I’ve not mastered NOT sucking. In fact it’s my daily goal. 🙂 I figure not being terrible at something is the first step in being good at it eventually.

  3. I’ll be perfectly honest… and this is my opinion only. If someone goes into ministry to be famous… they’re an idiot. If someone goes into Children’s Ministry to become famous, they’re bigger than an idiot. Limelight? Not in Children’s Ministry. Ministry? There are a lot of other ways to become famous. Pretend to launch a child into the stratosphere with a weather balloon… I hear that works… although just as idiotic.

  4. Great post PJ.

    Funny someone would choose ministry to become famous. You are working for the most famous being in the history of time so you are already living in somebody else’s shadow.

    Wow I think I just went deep.

    Also I love the part about not sucking. I read that on Sam’s and Jonathans Blog but you ended up getting the comment. I could comment on their now but that would feel like charity.

    Sam, Jonathan, PJ and you too Kenny we should hang out socially.

    Have Fun


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