Great Friends In Ministry

This past week I had to make what was probably one of the most difficult decisions to make in ministry. I absolutely dreaded it. In fact, I stalled for a few hours because it made me a little sick to my stomach to even think about it. The worse part about it is that it involved my friends.

I had to give what I thought was pretty disappointing news and it crushed me. However, this is where you find out what kind of friends you have. As I gave the news, instead of showing disappointment (and there must have been at least a little bit), they showed strength and true friendship. They could’ve easily made me feel guilty, but instead lifted me up and encouraged me.

It made me think that everyone in ministry—children’s, youth, adults—need to surround themsleves with true friends; friends that won’t take advantage; friends that reach out when it hurts; friends that believe in the greater cause and vision; friends who believe in you no matter what happens—good or bad. I found out this past week that I have those friends. And, though I still hurt inside for what had to be done—and I should because some decisions just shouldn’t be easy to make—I’m so thankful that God has placed people in my life who believe in me and most of all trust God!

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