Exciting Napkin News!!!

Napkin is a huge believer and supporter of the local church. Our desire is to bring church leaders together to extend God’s kingdom.
Because we believe in and love the local church—we want your pastor to come to Napkin! So, here’s what we’re doing. Your lead/senior pastor can register for only $59 and still enjoy all that Napkin will have to offer, including the Las Vegas Show!

Why again are you doing this you ask? Because we believe in your lead/senior pastors and how they’re using you to impact this generation of young leaders!

Also, click HERE to finally find out about the Las Vegas Show we will all be going to.

Reminder!! Sunday, January 10th, 2010 is the last day you can register for Napkin for only $199. Be sure to register before then. Starting Monday, January 11th Napkin registration increases to $249.

Can’t wait to see you in Vegas!


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