Top 10 Reasons to Attend Napkin Conference #9

Affordability and Value

It only costs $10 to sign up for Napkin Conference! You heard it right—just $10 to reserve your spot!!! We understand that for some churches the economy has caused us to pinch every penny and make the most of every purchase.

Not only does Napkin only cost $10 to reserve your spot, but the total is only $199 ($189 after you reserve your spot). And, if you register just four people you can bring a fifth for FREE!!! If that wasn’t enough we are allowing any children’s pastor to bring their spouse for just $99!

You get to see a Las Vegas show worth $143/seat, you get to hear and talk to leaders like Jim Wideman, Hillsong’s David Wakerley, Lifechurch/tv’s Allyson Evans, Wacky World’s Bruce Barry and more, you get tons of giveaways and opportunities to develop friendships, build upon ideas and strengthen networks—all for just $199

REGISTER TODAY! See you in Vegas!



  1. I am a mathamatiction and that has a part time job as a economists and moonlights as a finical planner.*

    This seems like a good finicial desision becasue the value far outwieghs the cost.

    Have Fun


    * I am also a kids comedian which may make the first 3 claims void.

  2. Thanks FMD…it’s true!!! I just got off a phone call with a children’s pastor who is going to be attending and he stated that he can come to Vegas, enjoy an incredible conference and play at the same time for only $199!!!


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