Top 10 Reasons to Attend Napkin Conference #8


Here’s what’s Allyson Evans recently said about Napkin Conference, “I have been describing it to my circle of friends as a ‘forum from which you will take real, tangible steps toward enhancing or reworking your current ministry.’ Whatever it is that a guy out there needs to really shake things up in his ministry or just continue to do what he’s already doing in a way that is more innovative or efficient, he’ll find that inspiration at the Napkin Conference.”

Napkin will have elements of a traditional conference, but at least half the conference will be dedicated to helping you develop or enhance your ideas. I don’t know about you, but I enjoy more than just hearing someone talk about their ministry and how they do things with their million dollar budgets. I admit it’s very inspiring, but I need to know how I can maximize my potential with the gifts God gave me and $20 a week. Or, maybe you do have millions—we have speakers and ideas to help you too!


See you in Vegas!

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