Calling and Vision

I was reading my friend’s (Sam Luce—he’s awesome) blog about calling and then his other one about vision, two subjects that really get me going. He struck a nerve because I go up and down like a rollercoaster at times when it comes to being a children’s pastor. I love what I do, but at the same time I can fall into a funk of wanting to do more or feeling what Sam referred to as “isolated.” I would also add to that—feeling like I’m not contributing anything significant. The key word is “feeling.” My heart knows that what I do is probably the most important ministry of the church, but my head likes to play tricks and point out how behind the scenes my job really is.

This is when you absolutely have to go back to calling. Are you called to be a minister? Taking it further, are you called to be a children’s minister? If you’re called—you’re called. You can either embrace the call or you can resist the call, possibly lose out on reaching your full potential and watch God raise up someone else to do what you should be doing. I’m a pretty open person and I have to constantly remind myself that I do what I do not to get my lead pastor’s attention (though I value that), not to receive all the accolades (though it’s nice), but in the end it’s for the kingdom—it’s for Jesus.

Also, just because you have a vision for children’s ministry doesn’t mean that you’re called to be a children’s minister. I know many people who want to see children’s lives changed who would make awful children’s pastors. However, they have influence, money, etc. that can be used through the church to propel their vision. For example, my lead pastor has a vision for children’s ministry and to see kids grow in Jesus, but he’s not called to children’s ministry. This is why he hired me and gives me the resources to see his vision fulfilled. Vision and calling are two different things. If you’re struggling in your calling take some time to pray this week and ask God if he’s really called you or he’s given you a vision for children’s ministry—and yes, you can have both! 🙂

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