Video Venues, Celebrity Pastors & Millenials?

I’m a young guy just making the Millennial Generation/Generation Y by a year (born in 1981). One of the big questions at their today is in regards to video venue experiences. As a side note I still don’t know where I stand on the issue. There’s no doubt that it’s effective, but is it the best way? I don’t know. And, I really don’t think it matters that I don’t know.

Anyway, back to my thought and question. Our generation and the generation after us love technology. My goodness we’ve seen huge leaps in technological advances at a faster rate than any other generation. Think about it…I can instantly communicate and send video, get any information I want, etc. to anyone in the world through this tiny device that fits in my pocket! (I LOVE IT!!!)

Oops! I just took another rabbit trail—not good for blogging. I have a question that I think would be fun to discuss. Our generation does not have a good view towards “celebrity” pastors. All the recent stats/interviews tell us this. These same stats also tell us that video venue churches only amplify this viewpoint—that it’s all about the lead/senior pastor. At the same time, it’s this generation who love the technological advances and this is also a creative way to reach more people.

My question is how can or do the two co-exist? On one hand it seems like the very tool that we use to reach more people repulses the younger generation because of the perception it gives. What are your thoughts? Remember, the question is not if video venue is good or bad instead it’s how does something that the stats say repulse this young generation attract them or grow the church?

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