Uniforms, Vision and Appreciation!

So, I have to say that I’m amazed at what uniformity can do? I think that’s a word—uniformity! We bought all of our Ministry Partners (aka: volunteers) “uniforms” and they love it. For our Kid Nation class (6yrs-5th grade) we bought cool t-shirts with logo, different style hats to choose from with logo and messenger bags with logo. Our Kid Safari classes (3-5yrs) all have safari guide vests and hats with logo and lead teachers have canvas bags with logo. Our Kid Dreamers classes received cool orange and pink smocks (sounds weird, but it matches the logo) with logo.

This was actually a semi-expensive venture, but it’s well worth it. We don’t charge our volunteers for the uniforms. We give them to them to wear during the worship experiences they serve. In fact, to keep good care of our investment we have them leave their uniforms here. We sort and wash them for the next weekend. We do this because many of our volunteers are young and we can keep track and know that they won’t be forgotten at home, lost or stolen.

What’s even cooler is that we didn’t have to pay for these uniforms. We explained the vision for what we wanted to do and someone stepped up and paid for the whole thing. Once again it taught me to keep the vision in front of people. There are people out there just waiting to give and serve if they know exactly what it is we need. I say be specific, be bold and don’t be afraid to tell the world your dreams. You have nothing to lose, but you’ll have nothing given if people don’t know.

As for the uniform part…I would encourage all of you to think about doing something that breeds excitement, team and uniformity. People want to be a part of something that’s making a difference, that’s exciting and something that they feel appreciated doing. Honestly, we can do ministry without uniforms, but it’s about appreciation. It’s about making people feel like they are a part of something much bigger than themselves. You don’t have to do something expensive or if you want to do something expensive—let the world know! Who knows?!

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  1. That’s some good stuff! And on top of breeding excitement, I think it also reassures parents that the leaders aren’t just strangers who are hanging out in there. If you have a 200lb leader playing hula hoop with a 6 year old girl, the parent won’t freak out if they recognize that they’re a leader!

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