Branch Out From Children's Ministry On Purpose.

One thing that I picked up pretty quickly on when I became a children’s pastor was that people tend to avoid you on the weekend. We do pretty well with scheduling and volunteers showing up, however we definitely go through spurts of challenges. People see you with the clipboard or iphone (thank you technology) looking puzzled or panicked and start walking the opposite direction or send their teenage children to check-in the kids. Is it just me or has anyone had this happened to them?

For the longest time this really bothered me. Why is it that people don’t want to help or don’t want to deal with reality? Suddenly it donned on me that people only see me as a children’s pastor with me busily about my business on the weekends preaching to kids, organizing volunteers, shaking hands, etc. They need to see me outside of my natural habitat—the children’s wing.

I started to attend the men’s groups with more purpose and other church and non-church related events. All of a sudden people started seeing me as a pretty cool person (sounds weird typing that out myself) and I started seeing a difference on the weekends. No longer would they avoid me when I had “the look.” Instead, they were more comfortable asking if I needed help or would confidently say that they could not help without feeling guilty (which is a good thing believe it or not).

What’s the point—be relational. Branch out into other ministries not just to recruit, but to build relationships. God will cultivate those relationships to build His church. And, yes, that means they will probably start helping you out, which is always cool!

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