Stuck In A Monsoon?!

So, early today my wife and I had this brilliant idea to take a bike ride. Living in Las Vegas the temperatures in the summer are easily 105 degrees plus. However, the good Lord decided to bless us with a mid-90’s day and so by the evening the weather was perfect. We get our two older kids on their bikes and strap our two youngest on the back of our bikes and off we went.

We did note that there were some dark clouds in the distance, but still thought to be safe. The clouds had been lingering all day and had yet to do anything (i.e. rain, lightning, etc.). While playing at the park, we saw lightning in the distance. We gathered our kids back on their bikes and began our journey back home. After several minutes of riding—BAM! We are in the middle of a desert monsoon. The winds were knocking all of us off our bikes. The sand, dust, and other unidentified objects were pelting us in the face (and besides feeling like awful parents—dragging our kids into a storm) and so we stopped.

Ah little grasshopper a great lesson awaits. Storms come and go. Some linger a little longer than others. I keep picturing my son pushing his bike up a hill in the rain getting pelted by stuff in a monsoon. He didn’t want to keep going, but he knew that if he did he would reach home sooner and be out of the storm. When he finally came to the street, which our house sits his eyes got bigger and he charged toward the house—keep in mind he’s only five.

I can only wonder how many times we stop in the middle of a “life storm” only to be pelted by guilt, discouragement or defeat. Watching my son helped me to realize that God built into each of this desire to win, to not give up, to persevere. I can’t always explain it, but if a five-year-old figured it out I know that I can figure it out. Once my son saw his destination he sprinted as fast as his little legs would allow. Can you see your destination? If you can’t that’s when you need to lean on God more than ever and trust Him. Sprint towards God if all else fails—you can never go wrong with that!

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