Creative Peeing!

So, creativity happens when you need it to happen. I find that when I have a lot of money, time and resources that my creativity stalls. It’s when my back is against the wall, we have to use less money, etc. that something happens within me that gets my mind thinking.

My family and I recently took a vacation to Seattle. We drove from Las Vegas to Seattle to spend a week or so with our families. We have four children so we make more than enough bathroom stops. Sure enough we are in the middle of the Nevada desert and my son blurts out with much urgency that he has to use the bathroom right now and can’t wait. Just like my dad and his dad before, I said he had to wait. However, we’re in a part of Nevada where there is literally no rest stops or bathrooms for30-40 miles. No bathrooms, no bushes, no water bottles. This is where creativity kicks in.

We had a zip lock bag and as gross as it sounds we told the girls to look away and right before he peed in his pants we had him go in the bag. It sounds like an odd example, but we literally had several seconds before we would have a big mess on our hands. Had we been driving through a small town, city, rest stop or wooded-area we wouldn’t have had to do much thinking. We would obviously just pull over. It’s often times when our back are against the walls that we do some of our best thinking and creative sessions.

Recession isn’t a time to fear. It’s the best time to be creative!

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  1. My family made an 18 hour car drive from Oregon to California every summer while we were growing up. Two of my three brothers seemed to always need to go to the bathroom. One year, my mom got smart and started bringing a hospital issued male bed pan/urinal with us. We called it “The Pee-er”. Whenever a brother had to go, my mom would pass it from the front of the van to the back, and it’d be returned shortly. When we got to a place where we wanted to stop, she’d take it into the restroom, clean it out, and have it ready for the next time. This seriously shaved off 1-2 hours from the drive, and created some great family memories that we still laugh about.

  2. Lol! A zip lock bag!!

    I’m never driving through the Nevada desert without a container of some sort. That’s all I’m sayin’. 🙂

  3. PJ!

    Or should I say PZIPLOCK!

    Great post. Next time to make it even more intresting when you get to a gas station take it in with you and go to the counter and say “I will have a stick of gum, a snickers and…… how much for this?”

    Extra points if you can get them to scan it.

    Have Fun


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