Napkin Conference Wants Your Help…

As many of you know we are creating a brand new conference called “Napkin Conference.” What separates this conference from others is that it won’t just be filled with inspiration, but also with practical ideas that you can implement into your ministry the moment you return home. It’s not just “talking heads” from the stage, but world-renown speakers who have the know-how and experience to facilitate discussions and brainstorming sessions that will help you see immediate results.

Picture this: You’re not just attend a conference, instead you actually participate. You’re sitting around a table with a group of other leaders and together with the help of Hillsong’s David Wakerley, Jim Wideman, K! Magazine’s Ryan Frank,’s Allyson Evans and more you create procedures, systems, ministry plans, etc.

Here’s where we would love your input—What are some areas of ministry where you would want help? Is there something new you want to try, but don’t know where to start? What do you want to do better or change?

Let us know your thoughts and we will begin compiling all the results and use these as discussion topics for Napkin Conference.

Napkin Conference


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