Miscommunication Blow Up!


So, my assistant and I had a “blow up” moment this past weekend. I called her in my office and the gloves came off. Anyone ever have one of these experiences? I felt like we weren’t clicking and something had to change very quickly. She agreed.

It’s crazy because for the past few months I felt like there was something going on—or should I say “not going one”—but I never did anything about it until I was at a point where I was extremely frustrated and couldn’t take it anymore.

Little did I know she was feeling the same way. She was frustrated. Through our conversations on Sunday and Tuesday we hashed things out. It turned out there was just a lot of miscommunication and little communication going on between the both of us. So, as you can imagine I learned a few things about myself these past few days and months.

1. As the leader when you feel like things aren’t “right”—fix it right away. Don’t let it go on and on—confront it right away or it will get worse.
2. Communicate and over communicate to those who work for and with you.
3. Lay out expectations plainly and clearly.
4. Don’t doubt the position that you’re in. You’re where you are for a reason. God put you there to lead.
5. Invest time into those who work for/with you. Don’t be afraid to get into their lives.

I learned more, but I figured I’ve been pretty open and well…five seems to be a good number!

I really do have the most amazing assistant ever. I would put her up against any other assistant in a heartbeat. She’s loyal, wants to make me and the church look good and understands authority, etc. That’s what made this situation weird. However, now we’re tracking and things are back to where they’re supposed to be.


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