I Can't Do Everything!

Reading Andy Stanley’s book 7 Practices of Effective Ministry. Really good book…I recommend it to anybody in ministry or if you’re looking for a good leadership book period.

Anyways, I’ve been extremely challenged with narrowing our focus as a children’s ministry and defining precisely what our “home plate” and how to get kids there. If you’re like me you may be doing too much. I’ve gotten in the habit of finding a need and creating a ministry to meet the need. It may sound good, but it’s a tremendous drain on time, energy, money and resources. Over the past several weeks I have begun to think about why we do what we do and asking myself how it meets “home plate.”

What is home plate? Home plate is that place where we want our kids to end up. To use a baseball analogy, often times we are incredibly good as a ministry at swinging the bat, getting a hit and getting on base, however I feel that I’ve been lousy at getting kids to where we want them to be. In other words, I feel like I’m a hampster running around in a wheel going no where. I want to do ministry with purpose. I don’t want to create a program unless it gets kids where we want them–our home plate. Instead of panicing when a need comes up, I need to do a better job at either meeting it with something we already have in place or directing them to a place where they are equipped to do “that.”

One thing is for sure–our children’s ministry cannot do everything (though unfortunately we try). If the body of Christ works together we can meet all the kid’s and families’ needs. There’s so much more about this topic I’ve been learning, but I don’t want to bore you. Hopefully, what I wrote down made sense.

Let me know what you think!

Dream Big!


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