Global Children's Curriculum

Let me get your thoughts…So, I’m talking with Allyson Evans from and all of a sudden an idea hits my brain. Churches all over the world spend hundred (some thousands) of dollars on curriculum each year. It’s not because children’s pastors are lazy or incompetent. For many of us it’s because we’re working other jobs, wear many other hats within the church or “fill in the blank.”

What if we all came together and wrote a global children’s ministry curriculum? What if this curriculum was written, filmed, produced, etc. by children’s pastors all over the world from mega churches to smaller country churches from long established churches to church planters? What if this curriculum was free?

Would you participate?



    1. Absolutely…As it grows children’s leaders could mix and match, download what they want when they want. Why not? All the talent is out there. It’s a matter of bringing it together for the kingdom of God not the “kingdoms” of God, laying down some egos (mine included–ouch!). I just feel like we could do a lot more a lot better when we all come together. We’ll see…

  1. I think this is a great idea and would love to hear more of what you are thinking. It is true many of us wear more than one hat, which makes it hard to spend a lot of time on one thing.

  2. I would be interested in thinking it through further.

    It is an interesting concept and it would require us to crystal clear on the reasons for doing it.

    I like the idea of together we can create something we cannot do on our own.

  3. the beauty of the idea is the potential aspects of the curriculum. so often, even after spending precious funds on curriculum, it still has to be retro-fitted to meet the specific needs of your ministry.

    As you state above, if the choice is there to pull what works and leave what doesn’t… that’s awesome.

    Once we do that, can we put our heads together to improve our ‘reach’ into the home?

  4. I would love to participate in something like that. Wow. Gets the old brain really going…!

    Liberty Mo

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