Are We Killing Twitter?

If you’re like me—you enjoy or should I say enjoyed Twitter. I have to admit that I wasn’t the first one to start twittering when it rolled out, however when I signed up I loved it. Twittering was a great way to get the word out about important or cool things that we’re going on in my life or church life. As most of us know—it’s like blogging on the go.

I have to admit that I’m leaning toward the anti-twitter bandwagon. I told my wife that all my children’s pastor friends, etc. would hate me for writing this. I love reading about some of the cool things people are doing or where they’re at, etc. What I find a little annoying is people’s play-by-play of their life. I know this sounds mean. Don’t take it personally. I used to be one of these people. I would twitter about 10+ things a day that—looking back—I wonder what was I thinking. Do I care that someone is eating lunch? It’s cool that you’re having a family day, but do we need to know everything that you do minute-by-minute?

Now, don’t get me wrong…I’m NOT a Twitter hater. I’m just very selective on the Twitter’s that I want to be a part of. The only person I follow on my cell phone anymore is my lead pastor. Everyone else I just follow online and read throughout the day. My cell phone no longer vibrates and rings every two minutes with messages like “just bought eggs at the store—yummy! #whocares”

After a while the average person doesn’t even read our twitters because they know it’s not important and then they miss out on the important ones because they “think” it’s like all the others. I guess it’s cool if you have people that actually want to know everything about you and what you do, but if we had an honest reality check I think we’d find there aren’t that many people out there.

My favorite twittering people are people who twitter with purpose. I know that Twitter was created in part as a way to get involved in people’s day to day life, but that’s not what I like about it. I love using it as a way to keep up with friends. Personally, one twitter a day/two days is great (unless you’re on an incredibly cool vacation, event, etc.).

I know I’m not the only one out there who thinks this. I know there has to be people who are tired of dumb twitters. And, by the way, if anyone asks me if you’re a “dumb twitterer” my answer to you is “no.” I still want to have friends after this post!  I just don’t want children’s pastors (or any church leader) to kill such an incredible tool to reach people.


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    1. Okay, be honest, I probably shouldn’t have posted that…I feel all alone in the world right now. Me and Jesus–and for all I know He likes Twitter too. 🙂


  1. This is funny. My twitter activity has curbed the past few weeks. Seems not so many things are worth attempting to share. The thing that really bugs me about the play-by-play is chances are good the person is just trying to improve their twitter ‘score’.

    I have to admit. There was a moment when I cared about that. 🙂

    1. Good point. I didn’t really think about the whole twitter score thing. As I’m typing this I think the guy posted something about this a while back ago. I guess he’s ahead of the curb.

  2. PJ!

    You are the Christian Eminem, always being controversial.

    I love that you don’t just think outside the box, you tear it up.

    Real tough question. Part of me is towards your side. I have never twitter anything irrelevant like “taking a shower” unless it was funny like “taking a shower, laptop is now completely wet”. But there is another side to this.

    The beauty of sites like these is it is giving people an avenue to express themselves that they haven’t had a chance before. A lot of people have never had someone care about what they had for lunch and you never know the impact of even the thought that somebody else is hearing.

    Now if you are looking it from a church leaders perspective there is absolutely no point in you tweeting that you “just read an email” or “just played on my I-phone” because the world does not care and I can’t see much influence in that. Mind you on the flip side, my pastor would tweet something’s that would seem ordinary to him but to me they are amazing and I love hearing about them.

    So that my thought on the subject. Stop tweeting usless info but take the time to connect with people. If you have a look at some of the people who are not celebrity’s and who are not a business yet have thousands of followers, they spend a lot of time @replying to people about their tweets. I am going to try and do that more which means you will see a few more tweets.

    Good post, I am still a big fan.

    Have Fun.


  3. I agree that boring tweets or boring aspects to daily life should not be tweeted UNLESS they are done with a twist or sense of humor. (shower example above is perfect) When I twwet (and I do more than 2 a day at times) I at least try to make them a) informative b) thoughtful c) humorous d) inspiring e) relational

    great post!

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