Thoughts On Orange Conference

So, I just got back from the Orange Conference in Duluth, GA. First of all (and no offense to those who live in the South) I am so glad that I live on the West Coast. I’m sure it’s because I was born and raised out here, but there’s just something about being out here that refreshes me and makes me thankful for where God has called me. Don’t hate! Everyone else thinks the same thing of where they live. And, they should. That would be lame to not like where you live—that’s what I would call miserable!

Anyways, about the conference…

This is what I liked:
I enjoyed many of the main speakers. Does it get any better than Francis Chan, Perry Noble, Andy Stanley, etc? These are incredible leaders who genuinely love people.
I liked Reed Dickens. It’s refreshing to get “Outside Eyes” and receive something powerful from people who aren’t in “ministry.”
The worship was great. I especially liked Fee and Whickam.
Their marketing and branding is incredible. I loved how everyone was wearing orange, all the decorations where orange, etc. It really gets stuck in your head. They own the color orange.
They gave away some cool stuff—bag, guide, journal, pens, etc.
Stage was sweet!
All the young performers where amazing!

This is what I didn’t like:
Three out of four of the workshops I attended made me feel a little uncomfortable because they were pushing their product too much. I felt like it was a “how to use our curriculum” instead of how I can do “this or that” better. I felt like I wasn’t apart of the group.
I like all main sessions—much like Catalyst—because my whole team can all hear the same stuff and we can all track together instead of trying to understand and grasp what others heard in their workshops.
There was lots of dead time with 30 minutes here and there, two hour lunch, one hour dinner, etc.
I like conferences at a local church. There’s just something about being there that makes me feel that people are in the trenches with me. At a big arena like this I just don’t get that same feeling.
I wish they sold their sessions and workshops on video (i.e. podcast, DVD).

These are my initial thoughts. I still have to sit down this week and fully digest all that I received.

Overall it was a great conference! Reggie and his team are amazing and they know how to put on a great conference. I would love to go back next year.

Let me know what you thought of the conference.


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