There's No "Best" Way

Over the past few weeks I’ve been coast to coast at churches and conferences. Every time I go to a church or conference I am constantly taking notes in my head and carefully observing everything around me. Why do I do this? I do this because if I like the way someone does something I’m going to “steal” their secrets and implement them in our church. (FYI: Copyright really means Copy It Right; God made eyes to plagiarize—just kidding don’t send me hate emails) 

This is what I’m realizing more and more: There’s no one right way to do ministry. Our church is in a position where we have influence in both the charismatic and seeker movements. I’ve seen some pretty crazy services that were powerful, people getting saved and the church growing. I’ve also seen seeker services where they reach tons of unchurched people, the word is very practical, the power of God’s there and lives are changed. Both are good. Both are needed.

What’s my advice to you as a leader? Do what you do best. That’s it! Whatever it is that you do, whatever style is your style, do it 100%. Don’t try to be like anyone else. At times our church tries to emulate a certain style and it’s just not us. It’s when we are ourselves that we find the most success with salvations, lives impacted and the church expanding. Sure, there are systems that work better than others. Our church gleans from other churches and implement those things that fit into our vision. We don’t change our vision to fit a system.

So, stop worrying about trying to be apart of the newest church fad. People want you to be yourself. There’s no best way—there’s God’s way.



  1. Justyn,

    Couldn’t have said it better. Great post. I to am so encouraged by churches committed to learning from each other so they are more effective in reaching lost people. That’s church is all about reaching lost people and making disciples.

    Great post.

  2. Just had a great convo with Justyn about this very thing. I love it! At the Orange Conference I got to chat with people from new churches, older churches, big churches and little churches-all doing things differently. The important thing is to stick to what God’s called your church to. He has given you a vision-just be true to that. Thanks for the post Justyn.

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