God-sized Dreams!

Lately, I’ve been reading more about a man that I have admired since I was a boy. The man’s name is Walt Disney. This guy’s dream is the reason why I am in children’s ministry today. Though I don’t condone everything he did or stood for, I very much admire his ability to dream and let nothing stand in his way. His determination was impeccable. And, it’s the reason we have what’s known today as the Disney Empire.
While reading about him I came across a word he made up called “Stick-to-it-ivity.” Basically, it means that you stick with “it” no matter what; don’t give up on “it”; pursue “it”. Walt overcame an early failed, bankrupt business, rejection from every major studio concerning his dream of becoming a producer, betrayed by an early partner who tricked him into giving him the famous “Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.” Almost no one believed in his dream of Disneyland and he was constantly declined loans, etc.
Through it all he never gave up. He stuck with his dream and because of his “stick-to-it-ivity” the rest is history.
I can only think that if Walt Disney had this sort of dream, how much more will God do with us when we’re given a God-given dream. Walt had a personal dream that has literally changed the world’s culture. God has given us dreams, however I fear that we give up to easily on them and never see them come to pass.

I have a dream of building a theme-park on the Las Vegas Strip for children and families. In a city that’s full of adult entertainment. I believe that God wants a place where families can have fun, they can watch “Vegas-style” family shows daily and the best part about it is that I see a local church running it. Can it happen? Well, I’ve already gotten the normal response from Christian and non-Christian alike that it’s impossible and that it will never happen. When people say that it only confirms that I know it’s God because it’s too big for me, it’s too big for our church—that’s why it’s a God dream. I don’t know where the money’s going to come from, but I know it will come. I’m going to take any opportunity I get to tell people of my dream because I believe there’s someone out there who’s going to get excited and partner with me.

What’s the point of me telling you all this? I just want you to dream big. Dream God-sized dreams!


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