Death and Replacement

Perhaps many of you have heard, but Danny Gans, the famous 12-time Las Vegas Entertainer of the Year died last Friday at home in his sleep. Though he was famous and performed nightly at Wynn’s newest place—the Encore, he was a faithful member of our church. He was only 52-years-old and leaves behind a wife and three children in their teens.

I was reminded that it doesn’t matter who you are. We’re all just people who should be worshiping God. I also ran across something in a book that mentioned we should be always be looking for people to replace us. Not in a bad way, but in the sense that if God called us on to something else, would your ministry run just as good if not better?

So, I’m placing both these things in perspective and thinking that life is too short to screw around. What’s here today could be gone later today. As a leader I need to constantly be looking around me for people who can take “my” ministry farther and faster. In the end, it’s not my ministry. It’s God’s. I want to hold onto it loosely and do the best I can. And, as I notice the potential in people and mentor them to become all that God has called them to be, I believe that The Kids (our churches children’s ministry) will be more healthy, will grow numerically and will release world class leaders.

Leaders who are afraid to invest in others—or afraid to find people to replace them—are insecure. They often believe that the ministry can’t function without them. They enjoy the spotlight. While it’s okay to enjoy the spotlight (even I do), it’s not okay to be a “ball hog.” What happens when they leave or move on? Nothing happens and that’s the problem. They weren’t looking around the team to see who had potential and who could be invested in to take his/her place when the time came.

It’s my prayer that we all find at least one person to invest our time and knowledge into. Allow that person to spread his/her wings to fly and hopefully higher and farther than you. As I was reminded…life is too short and my potential to make a huge impact for the kingdom of God greatly increases when I invest in others who can hopefully one day replace me.


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