What Did You Do For Easter?

I’d love to hear from you a couple of things. The purpose of this is not for competition’s sake, instead it’s to help us talk about our ideas and maybe spark a new or better idea for next year. If you don’t feel comfortable posting your comments here, then please email me at jsmith@thechurchlv.com. So, here’s the five questions:

1. What did you do for Easter? (anything unique, etc.)
2. How many kid salvations did you have?
3. How many kids attended your Easter weekend?
4. Did you add any new services during Easter weekend?
5. What during Easter weekend excited you the most? (still buzzing about?)

We did two gigantic Easter egg hunts after our Saturday 5pm and 7pm services.

We had 185 kids get saved! This is why we do what we do!

We normally have about 515 in “The Kids”. This past weekend we had about 1605 in “The Kids”.

We added a 5pm service on Saturday and a 1pm service on Sunday.

Obviously the salvations still have me on cloud nine! However, our kid’s team was unbelievable how they all worked together and we had the awesomest (I know that’s not a word, but that’s how I have to describe it!) lesson plan for our Kid Nation services (elementary grades—primary grades for my friends in Australia).


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