Question of the Week – Superstar Kids Pastor

Is it wrong to want to become a “superstar” kids pastor to the kids of your church? I think about when I walk through the halls of my church or see my kids around Las Vegas they always scream out “HEY, IT’S PASTOR JUSTYN!” and run over people to give me a high five or hug. As our church is growing I find it happening more and more. At first, I kind of shrugged it off and thought nothing of it. However, recently I am embracing it more and more and want to be in a role where the kids of our church think of me as a “superstar.”
Here’s why. Think about all the Lady GaGa’s, Beyonce’s, Miley Cyrus’s, etc. out there that kids love and look up to. Well, to be honest, I want them looking up to me and my lead teachers more than those guys out there. It’s not that we want this “glory” it’s just that we want them to think of godly people as superstars—the people they want to be when they grow up. Hopefully you’re catching what I’m throwing down and not thinking I’m some big headed wanna be famous person. I realize a post like this can give people the wrong impression.
So, back to the question—Is it wrong to want to become a “superstar” kids pastor? Or, should we keep all the focus off ourselves?
I’m interested to hear your thoughts.



  1. Yes, you should be a SuperStar, but be a SuperStar that is always pointing them to God. Make sure they know you get all your abilities, all your resources and all your inspiration from Him. And remind them that they too can be a SuperStar for God when they actively follow Him.

  2. PJ

    You are on to something brother. Now I am not going to put this massive comments on all of your blogs but gosh you come up with some good topics.

    Sure the argument is there that JC should be the star but there is no reason I can see why the warm up act should be a star as well. It is his show! And you would know in Vegas the bigger the main star is the bigger the supporting act is.

    My role in the church is to be the best warm up act I can be. It was very awkward at the start because I was starting to become a bit of a star, especially at our conference. Kids would scream out my name, run up to me in I entered a room and even one time a group of them cheered out for me and wouldn’t stop so my warm up act had to cancel there bit and I came on early. The most embarrassing part was being asked for autographs!!!

    But I am ok with it now because I had a vision. You know those stories of you hear about a great sportsperson or an actor or director or someone in the business world where they had a hero in that area when they were a child, and one day by a stroke of luck they got to met them for a few seconds and that hero said “You can become a great …….. (whatever) as well” so the child did. Well I what to be that hero! Britney spears is not going to visit my kids to let them know they can become a singer if they want. But I can!

    PJ you are a superstar.


    1. FMD,

      I like where you went with that–the church being the warm up act! Let’s face it. In our world today kids are being raised to idolize “stars” more and more. Well, since kids can’t see Jesus, and we know that kids are all about their senses (sight, touch, sound, etc.)…we have to be that “Jesus” to them. When kids “idolize” me it’s different because like Katie mentioned in her comment, all my gifts come from God.

      As a side note. I’m not in children’s ministry to get famous, but if it happens along the way I’ll use it for him. It’s those who get into ministry to get famous that infuriate me. I think of the Tommy Barnett’s (Phoenix First) who do what they do because they love God and people. Because of that genuine love, God has given him a tremendous platform. But, he didn’t seek it. God sought it on his behalf because he knew that Tommy could handle it the right way.


  3. So true!

    If fame was our aim, trust me we would be in a different game!

    Ha, I am a poet and ……. nobody told me.

    I think God expects you to use what he has given you. If that is to pastor a bunch of kids in your church, great, if that is to be a internationally known kids pastor that helps other churches with there ministry, great. But one isn’t better than the other.

    I heard in church tonight something that Darlene Zschech said to the preacher as an offhand comment after a coldplay concert. She said “Man was never intended to be praised. Praise was made for God”

    If that doesn’t put us in our place, nothing will.

    Far out PJ, I keep saying I have to stop commenting on your blog because it seems that I have nothing else to do with my life but you keep drawing me in!!! Ha ha


    P.S. If you are reading this comment, don’t be a stranger, join the conversation and comment!!!

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