Napkin Conference — February 25-26, 2010

So, I want to finally announce to the world a brand new children’s pastors & leaders conference unlike any other.

The conference includes a trip on the Las Vegas Strip

Also, we’ve got the premier children’s leaders in the world who include:

My hero–Pastor Benny Perez, Jim Wideman, Myself :), David Wakerley from Hillsong, Ryan Frank, Sam Luce, Yancy and Bruce Barry (CEO, Founder of Wacky World)

Napkin Conference

Some of the biggest ideas in the world started as a little sketch on a napkin. We know you have ideas that you’ve written or thought about. We want to come together to bring these ideas to life. This is a conference, retreat, network and relationship building gathering of children’s leaders unlike any other. Bring your whole team and let’s have some fun.

Who is this conference geared towards?
It’s geared towards children’s leaders, pastors and volunteers.

Why “Napkin Conference?”
Actually, this whole conference was literally birthed while Pastor Justyn was sitting at his computer doodling down ideas on his napkin that his Pepsi was sitting on. Southwest Airlines started by two guys discussing ideas that they wrote down on a napkin. One of Picasso’s earliest sketches to a famous drawing was done on a napkin. Many people’s dreams begin on a napkin. We want to work together to take your ideas off the napkin. Too many people die in our world with a bunch of napkins that are never made a reality.

What’s the main thing you hope I leave with?
Everyone is different and can take many different things back home to their church, however we believe that you will not only be inspired, but you will leave with bigger and better ideas for you and your ministry than when you got here. In fact, we want to help develop your ideas by working with you in large and small group sessions and by taking you off campus to a real Las Vegas Show!

Are we really going to see a real live Las Vegas Show?
Absolutely! And, not one of those lame shows off the Strip. When you register you will have a chance to choose between two award-winning shows on the famous Strip.

I’ve never been to Las Vegas, what should I expect?
A great time! There are plenty of fun things to do that don’t have to “stay in Vegas.” Las Vegas is the most visited city in the world and the entertainment capital of the world. There are many shows, restaurants and of course our world-famous Las Vegas Strip.

Where exactly is the conference being held at?
Napkin Conference is being held at The Church at South Las Vegas campus located at 3051 W Horizon Ridge Pkwy, Henderson, NV 89052

What made you invite these speakers?
Children’s ministry is amazing and it’s hard to find one person that everyone will connect with, so we invited many of the world’s finest. We invited young leaders because we believe that God is raising up new fresh leaders that aren’t afraid to take chances. We invited the experienced because we believe that they have so much successful (and some not-so-successful) knowledge and advice that we can learn from. We strongly believe in the local church and this is why we invited local church children’s pastors to speak. These are the men and women actually doing the ministry not just talking about it.

It costs only $199 if you register by January 1, 2010 ($249 after)
Children’s Pastor spouse is only $99
5th Registration is FREE

Holy cow! This is awesome! What you can do to help is get the word out and register starting mid-April. Or, if you can’t wait call us at 702.361.1579 x118

We will have a website up in mid-April for more information and registration.



  1. Hey PJ

    I have been checking out the website and it looks so cool. I am so pumped about your vision and creativity for this conference. The phrase “it could only happen in Vegas” should also apply to the church hey! (For good reason not a guy marring a pig or something).

    If you are reading this comment and thinking this conference could be for you, i have a prophetic word for you.


    Have Fun


    1. Thanks FMD! It’s going to be awesome. I’m sure you know that we got your man Dave coming. It’ easy for me to say this since I live here and I’m putting it on, but I’m sensing the Lord wants you to vacation in Vegas in February of 2010. I could be off, but… 🙂

      I welcome any of your thoughts and appreciate you getting the word out. It’s going to be incredible.


      PS…We got a better website coming out. I was just playing with what you probably saw.

  2. Hey man.

    I am not one of those guy who has a clue about websites and comments on if you hyperlinks are hyper enough like a child on red cool aid. Any website that can get my Pastor face on a napkin is alright with me.

    But when the new one comes out I will tell you how much of an awesome upgrade it is with its tiny urls and your HyperText Markup Language (HTML’s for those common people) are in English.

    As for your sensing of the spirit, in the words of Joshua when Moses threw down his staff “I’m picking up what your putting down”


    1. PJ’s thoughts right now (picture this thought bubble above my head):

      “Hmmm…I should probably delete a couple comments…I’m feeling a little small right now…nah! I haven’t given them any bailout money so I won’t control what they do or not do…wait a minute, how’d I start thinking about politics…this is getting weird, I need to stop thinking.”


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