Little Things Make A Difference! OR Marketing Jesus!

This is for all those who think paying attention to the small things doesn’t matter OR if you don’t care about “how things look.” I can’t say that I agree with those who only focus on the message of Jesus and give no or little attention to how it’s being presented.

I realize that in some poorer nations all they do is preach Jesus and thousands get saved. They don’t have to worry about sound systems, flyers, stages, video presentations, etc. However, in America, Australia, some European countries those are things we HAVE to think about. We have to think about the look because our culture won’t give us much attention if we don’t.

This all makes sense when you READ THIS ARTICLE. Here we have an orange juice maker change their packaging and all of a sudden their sales plunge 20% (that’s millions of dollars!!!) and their rival’s sales soar. How can this be? Their product NEVER changed! Their product didn’t change, but their packaging did.

We have the best product in the world—the saving power of Jesus Christ. Let’s make sure that we are “packaging” it correctly to reach the most people possible. This doesn’t mean that you have to have lots of money to do this. All it means is that you DO THE BEST YOU CAN WITH WHAT YOU HAVE! All of our churches are at different stages. Instead of me waiting to be at Hillsong Kids level to “package” Jesus so the message is as cool and hip as Dave, Funny Man Dan, Nathan, Beci and the gang, I need to be faithful with what I do have AND do the best that I can with what I have.


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