Embassy Attitude Check

Today I’m at Knott’s Berry Farm with my family. When we arrived at the Embassy Suites last night we checked in at the front desk, recieved our keys and off we went. However, when we got to our room both keys did not work. We went back downstairs to get two new keys AND they did not work. It’s now about 10:15pm and we have four children seven and younger, which includes a four-month-old and we’re all sleepy (and getting a little cranky). Finally, they send someone up to get us into our room. Very nice room, however they didn’t have a crib in the room as requested and promised by the hotel. We had to ask for them to send one up. They sent it up without any linens, etc.

Normally, I would blog about and talk about how we need to be leaders/people who serve others with excellence and do our best to not overlook the small things. Not today! As everything was going on I was thinking about what I can learn from this and instead of focusing on the hotel I started focusing on my attitude–me! I know they should’ve been more on top of things than what they were, but the fact is they weren’t. I could’ve gone downstairs from the fifth floor and complained to the manager about their service, but you know what…we’re all human…we all make mistakes. I felt God kept asking me “What if you were in their position? Would you want some mean skinny boy talking down at you?” Ouch! No, I wouldn’t.

Today, try putting yourself in other people’s shoes. Life isn’t always about us. When they finally sent someone up to put sheets on our baby’s crib, which was about 10:45pm I just gave the woman a big smile and thanked her for all she did. Love on people today!


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