Customer Service Is Everything!

I walked into a Fry’s Electronics the other day looking for a piece of equipment the other day for a special night that we did for our elementary grade (primary age) kids called Glow Night. It was a really cool night. Everything glowed in the dark. We gave all the kids glow necklaces, glow sticks, glow bracelets and had tons of black lights up so everyone was glowing—simply amazing! However, that’s not what this is about.

I was looking for a specific item and wasn’t sure if they had it or not. I go to the first employee I see and ask them if they know where this item is at. He directed me to the location he said I could find it. Sure enough, it’s not there. I ask someone else and she directs me to ask someone else in a different department. I go there and then she directs me to yet another department. Finally, I get to this last desk and he doesn’t even acknowledge that I’m standing in front of him (mind you there is no one else around) until I finally say something. He gets one of the floor salesmen to help me find the part I was looking for. I purchase it, drive back to the church and it’s the wrong piece!

This was the worst customer service I had received in a long time. Everyone made me feel that I was inconveniencing them. Not one employee walked me to another employee or to where they thought I could find the part. It was so unfriendly and quite frankly ticked me off (sorry if that offended holy people). It’s a great reminder to me to make sure that I’m giving my all at church. I’m there to minister to PEOPLE and love PEOPLE. They should always feel comfortable approaching me. We should always strive to go the extra mile in church. I don’t ever want people to have the same negative impressions of our church that I had going to Fry’s.

Love God—Love People!


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  1. Love it PJ.

    I got to go to a conference where I got to listen to an aussie guy called John Lees* who is a sales and marketing specialist. He spoke about customer service is a expectation of people, a human right you could say. That is why we get angry when we don’t get it.

    He also talked about the next level of customer service is not just giving people what they ask for but help determine with them what they really need and help them to get it. Now that is what the church needs to be aiming for.

    Great blog again.



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