Confusing Vision With Plans

Never confuse your plans with your vision. Your vision is that big idea, dream, that one thing God has placed in your heart. Your plan is simply how it gets done. Maybe you’re trying new ideas to grow your children’s ministry/company and they seem to not be working. If you’re not careful you’ll find yourself scrapping the vision that God originally gave you because the plan didn’t work. Let me encourage you—don’t get rid of your vision! Instead, change your plan.

Your vision is that eventual destination, your plans are the vehicles that get you there. You may have to get out of your car and get into a truck or eventually get out of the truck and take a train or scooter or whatever vehicle is the right vehicle to get you to your destination (vision).

Be encouraged that what God has placed in your heart can still come to pass if you simply change the plan to get there!


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