No. 8 Tip For Young Leaders

In the March/April 2009 edition of K! Magazine I talk about five things that I have learned and in some cases still learning. Here is number eight:

Patience, Patience, Patience!

Sometimes I feel like the definition of impatience. I think I’m the most impatient person on planet earth. When I think of an idea I don’t wait until tomorrow to implement it—consider it done. This is not a good thing. Young leaders are “go getters;” We want to see instant results. I can’t argue against this attitude, but I can caution you. I’ve ran with ideas as fast as I can and seen them fall flat on their faces because I didn’t take the time to “feel” things out or implement them properly because of a lack of planning and preparation. Just recently I made a decision that cost me $600+ that I didn’t need. Luckily, another department in our church used my impatient purchase. If I would have waited, put better thought into what I was doing I would’ve never made the purchase.

Right now I’m planning on implementing a leadership program in our Kid Nation class. This has been a few months in the making, but I’m taking it slow because I really believe in this and want to do it right. Because of this I’m making better decision, not wasting money and have already changed things around because I’ve waited for proper input. I don’t think you should kill your “go getter” instinct, but I do think you ought to learn patience and not get frustrated because one of your ideas are on hold. If your lead/senior pastor placed the idea on hold, use that time to make it better and do more brainstorming. I’m convinced everything happens for a purpose—Hey! Isn’t that in the Bible somewhere!? 


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  1. Wow

    Awesome post PJ.

    Patience hey. Some day’s I wouldn’t wait for free money yet I know it is important. I do think it is in the bible somewhere.

    This is a timely message (no pun intended…. well sort of not intended……. well I was trying to be clever).

    Thanks for the great post, but there is on thing I don’t understand.

    How is number 8 on your list of 5? You must be a man of overflow!!!

    Thanks again PJ, great post.


    1. Thanks and clever you are.
      Never thought about how I have 8 things in my top 5…me thinking a name change is in order…like “top 10” (oh, but that’s so over done…I’m sticking with “10 things in my top 5”)


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