No. 6 Tip For Young Leaders

In the March/April 2009 edition of K! Magazine I talk about five things that I have learned and in some cases still learning. Here is number six:


No matter if you’re a church plant or a mega church, every church has several departments whether it be children, youth, adults, worship, small groups, etc. In fact, many of these groups have sub-departments. One of the first things I did when I came to my church ( was to build a healthy relationship between my department and others. Thinking of just my “stuff” is selfish and small thinking. I’m not here for just me. I’m here to serve the greater vision, which is to reach as many people as we can for Jesus. To do this I need other department’s help and they need mine. Because of our healthy relationships when I need help from our Security Team, Men’s or Women’s Ministry, etc. they are always there to help. When they need children’s classes/ministry for a meetings, etc. I’m going to be there to help. We don’t compete with each other—we root for each other’s success!


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  1. Justyn, I read your article in K Magazine today!! LOVED IT!! I couldn’t agree more on each one of your points. Can’t wait to read more from you on your blog and in the magazine!

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