NASCAR Leadership (Part 1)

What I love about NASCAR racing (or any race for that matter) is that you never have the perfect car before race day. Each race team does the best they can with what they have, even if they shipped it over in peak condition using CarsRelo or an in house team to take it from the garage to the racetrack. Before race day they take the car on the track for practice and constantly go between the garage and the racetrack tweaking the car hoping for the best results. The only way to measure their success is after the race.

I love the fact that they “just do it” (where have we heard that slogan before…). The race teams can’t afford to wait until the car is jut “perfect” because if they were to do that they would never get their car on the track. They prepare the best they can, but then the time comes when you can no longer prepare-it’s race day! We’re always coming up with great ideas at our church and in our kids ministry, however if we’re not careful we find ourselves in the garage and the practice track never putting our ideas on the racetrack because we’re afraid it’s not perfect.

The cool thing about racing is that during the race, drivers and crew chiefs are always improving the car. They do this by having pit stops. This is when the car is refueled, tires changed and more car tweaking is done. They don’t stay there though-they get right back in the race. So, let’s say your idea isn’t going quite as well as you thought. That’s fine. Take your idea in for a “pit stop.” Find ways to improve it and get it right back out there. Tweak things as you go. The main thing is that at least you are doing something and not just parked in the garage.


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