I Want You Dad!

I get home from the office today, say my hello’s to my wife and kids and end up on the computer to take care of some personal things. I’ve just spent lots of money on my home office – two new office chairs, a new desk with accompanying ornaments and some new tech as well. I’m so happy with how it looks, I’m spending even more time in there than previously. It’s like my own little haven! If you’re thinking of revamping your home office, you could check out somewhere like https://www.raise.com/coupons/home-depot to save yourself some money at Home Depot – you never know, this could turn into a pretty big project! And it’s not the interior that’s new. By using new document software, like a scanner and pdf editor, I can easily bring my work home from the office and work on tasks from the comfort of my new office chair. My five-year-old son ends up joining me and starts hanging on my arm (makes it hard to type, etc.). I kinda shoo him away as nicely as possible. I have work to do and I’m enjoying being in my newly kitted out room. As I’m doing this he looks at me with his big blue eyes and shows off his dimples with his smile and says, “…but dad I want you!” I tried to ignore it a little bit, but, he says it again–“…but dad I want you!” with his hands reached up towards me.

My heart hit the floor and I opened my arms for him to jump into my lap and sure enough he did. I turned off the computer and played some more with him. I began to think that someday he may not be saying that as much. I want him to, but reality has it that he’ll probably be wanting to be with his friends. I’m not sure if you have kids or not, but it’s amazing to hear someone say that they really want to be with you because they love you–because you’re cool–because you’re their hero.

The computer, paying bills online, etc. all of a sudden was not important. Sure, those things need to get done (and they will), but spending time with my little buddy is important. Showing him love–not just telling him that I love him–is one of the most important things I can do as a father. Since, I have kids my priority as a father should always be higher than being a children’s pastor, intern director, etc.

Oh, and as a side note…how often do we take the time, stretch out our hands to Jesus and say “daddy, I want you!” Make the time…


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