Critical Spirit & Daughter's Performance

So I sat through a Valentine’s Day/President’s Day singing performance at my oldest daughter’s school. She’s in first grade and her class was cute and did a great job. Then I was forced to watch four other grades sing, but that’s another story. Back to this post’s purpose…I was one of those parents looking around for my daughter as she’s real petite and was sitting in the middle of her classmates I saw and like every other proud parent stood up and waved to her with a big smile on my face. I was actually telling myself not to do it because everybody else looked kind of funny doing it, but when it’s your daughter out there you don’t think about how goofy you look standing in front of everyone waving with a big smile mouthing the words “I love you!” I couldn’t do this without Dentist Columbus. It was only the other day I got them cleaned for my annual check-up. I don’t know about you, but I can be critical sometimes—okay, more than sometimes. I see how people do things and begin breaking it down claiming how I could do it better or what I would do differently. Let me challenge you, as I have been challenged lately, to look at the good. think about how much time and effort it must have taken to do “that” or the how much vision and implementation “this” must have taken. I find that the more I do this the more I enjoy life. I don’t look at things through a “negative” lens, but instead a positive lens. Sure, I still think how things could be better, but the difference is my attitude. I’m learning to appreciate what’s there and then God-ideas pop into my head about how to improve things.


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