What I Learned From A Wendy's Drive-Thru

Recently my wife, the kids and I went to Wendy’s. Because it was late, we decided to do the drive-thru. It’s supposed to be fast and convenient so why wouldn’t we use it. My friends use it all the time and have said that it’s the best way to order meals from a fast-food restaurant as they don’t seem to like the hassle of getting out of their warm car, especially late at night. In fact, there has only been one time in their life that they haven’t gone through the drive-thru, and that was because their chosen restaurant was in the middle of having their drive thru window repair completed. They weren’t happy, but they have got over it now. It’s probably because they are working as well as ever. So, this story helped me to confirm our decision of using the drive-thru that night. It was finally our turn and we drove up to give our order. We were just ordering from the “Dollar Menu” because were pinching pennies (not bad when you can feed your family for under $8.00). We were given our total and then we pulled up to pay. This is when it all went wrong!

First, the woman never looked at us or acknowledged that we were at the window for two minutes (that’s a long time in fast food time). Once she finally acknowledged us I wanted to make sure we had ordered correctly. She repeated our order and it was incorrect so I asked if we could change it. She rolled her eyes at us, said, “Hold on!” and closed the window. After some time had passed she opened the window and for the next seven minutes we attempted to straighten out our order with the manager on duty.

They kept using fast food jargon that we didn’t understand, their attitudes were horrible (admittedly, we were also getting a little frustrated) and we felt like they were not listening to what we really wanted and were asking for. Believe it or not, we didn’t just drive away, though I wanted to. We finally picked up our food at the next window and then God asked me these three things:

1. As a Christian am I being culturally irrelevant (using jargon people do not understand)?

2. As a Christian am I checking my attitude to make sure I am representing my company (Jesus) well?

3. As a Christian am I genuinly listening to the needs of people?

I believe if we are doing the above things well, we will find ourselves more successful in ministry, at home and in life. You see, the woman and manager at Wendy’s had a choice to make. They could’ve chosen to be patient, listen and show a spirit of humility as they were helping us instead of choosing to have an attitude. Because they chose to have a bad attitude, my wife and I do not want to go back to that Wendy’s–we had a bad experience.

I want everyone to have a good experience at church. I want everyone to have a good experience after meeting me. Let me encourage you to raise your level of leadership by being relevant, having a good attitude no matter what and listening to people. Over the next few weeks we will disect these three things a little more.

What do you think?

Dream big!

Pastor Justyn

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