The Few–The Faithful

The Few—The Faithful

Here’s my first post to our new blog.  I promise that I’m going to be real and tell it how it is.  If you don’t want to come to the realization that I’m a real person with real thoughts, then you may not want to read this, but I figured I’d start with a bang!

I’ve been in ministry for most of my adult life and one thing that I have noticed as I’ve traveled the country is that faithful people are hard to come by in church.  I’m sure I’ve had my fair share of disappointing people, so I’m not saying I’m perfect on this matter though I will have to say that when I say I’m going to do something–I do it.

How is it that so many people can commit to a ministry and not come through?  How is it that every weekend there is an emergency or something just happens to come up.  Is it that they really don’t want to be here, but don’t know how else to tell you.  If that’s the case, shame on the church for creating an atmosphere where people feel “stuck” and do not feel like they have any way out.  Or, is it that people today are non-committal.  They mean well; they want to volunteer or “partner in ministry” but on their terms and when it’s convenient to them.

Is keeping volunteers as simple as over communicating to and appreciating them or is there more to it?  Sure, I’ve met a fair share of very faithful people who go out of there way, sometimes missing several, several weekend church experiences.  You know what’s amazing about those people?  They never complain, they rarely miss a service and if they do they give ample notice, they go above and beyond and more.  They never say anything about not being appreciated or never knowing what’s going on.  So, what’s the difference between them and the non-committal?  How is that some feel like they know too much while others feel like they know nothing when you say the same things to everyone?  Personally, I think it’s because you have some people that take the initiative to make it happen.  They really believe that “Christians serve” as Pastor Benny puts it.  Others want to be spoon fed.  To some it might seem like I’m griping, but I warned you.  I told you I was going to hold nothing back and just be real.  These are real thoughts from a real leader.

One more thing.  JFK would have made a great pastor…“Ask not what your [church] can do for you, but what can you do for your [church].”

Let me know your thoughts…

Dreaming big,

Pastor Justyn

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