Sacrifice Your Vision?

Growing up in and being on staff at a church you’ll often hear something like, “You have to sacrifice your vision for your lead pastor’s” or “Die to your dreams to help your pastor with his.” I totally agree with this statement, however many new young ministers need to think of a few things before they commit themselves to a lead pastor.
Something to think about before accepting that next job–Find a leader who you want to follow, who’s dreams you can get behind and who will allow you to dream. I was just thinking in my office–why would I want to follow someone who won’t allow me to do the things that are screaming in my heart? Thankfully, for me, I have a pastor who I will do anything for and in return he allows me to dream as big as I want and do the things that God has placed on my heart.
Obviously, without your lead pastor you wouldn’t even be on staff at the church that you’re at and he’s your employer, so of course you want and should do those things that are asked of you. However, if you are finding that you are sacrificing everything to be a part of something that does not align with the vision that you have you should do one of a couple things:
• Ask God if this is really the church for you. Is this the person you’re really supposed to be following and giving your all for? And, if it is…
• Ask God to help change your heart and attitudes. There is a difference between someone having a different vision and just being upset because something didn’t go your way (remember to not make radical decisions based on emotions).
Before you accept a position at any church make sure that you and your lead pastor are on the same page and there’s room for your vision within your pastor’s greater vision for the church. I promise this will save you some heartache in the long run.

Dream big,
Pastor Justyn

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  1. Great post! just had to comment on this because i was in a situation a few years back where my heart and passion were shelved for the Pastors, but I didn’t feel right about it. I have learned through that process that you HAVE to work for someone that you believe in and would do anything for! Someone once told me that “Who” you work for is more important then “Where” you work.
    Thanks for your post.

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