What keeps me going?  How come I don’t “burn out”?  I’ve always been a big dreamer.  Ever since I was a small child I would always use my imagination to enter a world where anything can happen–where I can do and be anything.  The great thing was that my parents allowed me to dream and use my imagination.  They didn’t squelch my dreams–they encouraged them.

So, what keeps me going today?  That same imagination that I had when I was a child.  When I look at our children’s ministry I don’t just see the children in front of me.  I don’t think I’m just teaching to a bunch kids.  When I look at our ministry, I see a world-class, cutting-edge facility and leaders who are setting the pace for the way we minister to children.  Sure, we are not there yet, but we’re going that direction.  I see us in a facility that goes against the norm–a facility that rivals most indoor recreation and arcade centers.  I see children becoming “fully devoted followers of our Jesus” who are strong in their faith at a young age.

Burn out?!  Personally, I don’t believe in burn out.  I believe you can get burned and/or hurt by someone.  But, if you’re really called to do something (i.e. serving in children’s ministry, ushering, choir, etc.) and you’re passionate about it, you don’t get burned out.  I think about why I don’t get bored or “burned out” with my wife.  Well, I love her passionately, I know God has called us together, I dream with her and about her.  Because I feel this way about her, when she does something that irritates or hurts me, it don’t get burned out.  It doesn’t mean I don’t get hurt, but when you’re truly passionate about something those things do not bring you down and lead you to burn out.

I do believe that God can and does call us on to something else, but that’s not burn out.  I do believe that sometimes we need to rest or get away for awhile (vacation!!!), but that’s not burn out.  “Burn out” happens because people are not really passionate about something, they don’t dream about what God can make possible or maybe they stepped into a ministry that God has not called them to.

What keeps me going?  Calling.  Dreams.  Passion.


Dreaming big,

Pastor Justyn

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