10 Things I RE-Learned Last Week

I recently had “one of those weeks” that really made me think. Here’s the result:

Being a true leader means making tough decisions. This week I had to be “the bad guy” a few times. A position that I haven’t had to be in too often.

Life isn’t fair.

Hire very slowly—fire very quickly.

Separate business from personal emotions and feelings.

Don’t hire people based on promises. Hire people based on passion.

Be careful what you promise and be slow to make promises.

Realize what’s really important in life and invest in that. This week had an “uneasy atmosphere” due to transitions and finances. When it’s all said and done my wife and kids bring out the best in me including peace and so I invest my time into them more and more.

Money is never the solution—God-given ideas are.

What’s here today can be gone tomorrow later today!

Keep trusting and supporting those who God has placed over you.


Dream Big!


Pastor Justyn

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  1. Probably the best thing I have learned is to not make any decisions in the heat of the moment. Wait until you can cool off and think clearly before you even start to make any kind of decision. That you you will not regret anything later.

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